10 Things to Do in Rome

10 Things to Do in Rome

10 things to do in rome tips is needed for you who plan to visit the country.

  1. Visit the Iconic Places

Places like Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and Trevi Fountain are the iconic places in Rome you should visit. Those places are not far each other and easy to reach. Moreover, they are free to visit.

  1. Eat Original and Delicious Pizza

Italy is identically with Pizza. So do not miss trying to eat the original pizza in Rome. Try pizza from the classic to fancy restaurant pizza in there.

  1. Visit Movie Location

Some famous movies scenes are made in Rome, so it is an interesting experience to do. Visit those legendary locations and take some pictures there.

  1. Visit Corner of Poets

If you are an admirer of poets and rhymes, you can visit the corners of poets which are located around Rome.

  1. Go to the Hills

Rome has a lot of pretty hills, so do not miss going one of them. The hills there can be reached by public transportation like buses and enjoy the views there.

  1. Visit Gianicolo Park

Bring your family to this park to watch a doll show which is free. In this park, you can also enjoy the view of Rome.

  1. Visit Borghese Villa
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This park is one of the most beautiful and largest park in Rome. This place is suitable for you who love picnic. Do not forget to visit Borghese Art Gallery in the first Sunday in every month for free charge.

  1. Visit Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Do you love cats? Then you should visit this cat sanctuary in Rome. This Torre Argentina is a shelter for cats in Rome.

  1. Visit Basilica Saint Peter

If you want to see some creations of Michelangelo, visit Basilica Saint Peter in Vatican, Rome. In this place, you are able to see a statue of Pieta which is the work of Michelangelo.

  1. Estate Romana

Estate Romana is a summer festival in Rome. And every corner in Rome becomes performance stages when this summer festival is held. When Estate Romana is held, there will be a lot of music concerts, dance performances, and other art performances. And many of them are free.

Rome is one of the most wanted city to visit by a lot of tourists. Make sure you do the 10 things to do in Rome.