2 Main Things to Do in Philippines

2 Main Things to Do in Philippines

Who says that travelling to Philippines is not really interesting and expensive? In fact, there are various things to do in Philippines, 4 of them will be described below.

  • Culinary

Trying out the specialty food when you are travelling to a country is a must. Thus, make sure that you do not miss the chance to try the unique and delicious taste of the specialty foods of Philippines.

– Binatog

Binatog is one of traditional foods which is quite popular among the Filipino (the term to call local people in Philippines). To make this traditional food, you need to peel the corn and steam it until the color turns into a bit white. After that, you can pour grated coconuts on top of it. Do not forget to pour sugar or salt on top of the grated coconuts.

–  Kwek-Kwek

Other snacks from Philippines that you should try is the cute and unique Kwek-Kwek. This food is made from steamed duck eggs which then rolled in orange flour. Next, fry the dough until it becomes crispy. This food is usually being sold in a food stall in front of school. This food is also well known as Tokneneg. How to make Tokneneg is similar to Kwek-Kwek, what makes it different is Tokneneg is made from chicken egg.

  • Travelling to natural tourism places
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Travelling to Philippines will not be complete, if you do not visit the natural tourism places. Some of the recommended places you must visit are as below:

–       Manila Ocean Park

One of the recommended things to do in Philippines is visiting the manila ocean park. This place is located in Manila and it has water volume as much as 8000 mwith 25 m in depth. The long tunnel glass is made of acrylic glass. It is widely believed that this place is larger than Sentosa Underwater World in Singapore. This tourism place was launched in 1st March 2008. Manila Ocean Park is owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc.

–       Mactan and Coron island

Other recommended destination that you must visit is Mactan and Coron island. In Mactan island, you can do various activities such as diving, snorkeling, jet ski and culture activities. This place is also well known as the central industry of furniture and musical instrument. While in Coron Island, you can see the historical ship wreck from World War II. Other interesting of this island is the calm wave of the beach and you can also go diving and snorkeling around the ship wreck area.

Those are the 2 main things to do in Philippines.

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