2 Recommended Things to Do in Rome

2 Recommended Things to Do in Rome

Are you planning to spend your holiday time in Rome? Then, it’s time for you to list things to do in Rome. This article will help you to give you some recommended place to eat and activities you can do in Rome that you should not miss!

  1. Sightseeing

There are many historical places you can find in Rome. Besides colosseum and Pantheon, there are also other 2 interesting spot for you to travel as below:

–       Vatican Museum

Rome has one of the most popular museums in the world namely Vatican Museum. In this place, you can enjoy everything about the masterpiece wall painting painted by Michelangelo. The best time to visit this museum is in the afternoon. It is open from Monday to Saturday only (9AM – 4 PM). And it will be closed on Sunday.

–       Roman Forum

Roman Forum or also well known as For a Romano is one of the amazing spots that will highlight your holiday time in Rome city. This place is full of old ruins that become the heart of city. No wonder that this place is surrounded by many temples, senator building, palaces and even churches. The entrance ticket of this place is in one package when you enter Colosseum.  It opens from 9 AM until 1 hour before sunset.

  1. Culinary
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Other recommended things do in Rome is trying out some popular Italian restaurants such as:

–       Roscioli

If you want to try the specialty food in a high level but in trattoria style, then you should visit Roscioli. This restaurant serves classical menu as well as traditional Italian foods such as traditional Rome Pasta with black pepper and pecorino Romana, Linguina Alla Siciliana, Cacao E Pepe and pasta with wild fennel, cumin and shrimp. This restaurant is open every day except on Monday, and public holiday on 15th August.

–       Flavio Al Velavevodetto

Trattoria restaurant is usually the first restaurant that will be closed during summer season. The location of this restaurant will add the joyous with a view of hills which was built during Roman Empire namely Monte Testaccio. Trattoria restaurant is an informal restaurant that serves simple menu a la Italia. The most recommended menus here are classical Rome menu such as pasta with bacon and tomato, Alla Vaccinara and Bucatini All’amatriciana. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day in August.

Those are the 2 most favorite things to do in Rome that you should not miss.