3 Best Places in New Zealand

3 Best Places in New Zealand

Best places in New Zealand are like the dream destinations for many travelers around the world. Check the list first before going on vacation there.

Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands is just one of the great places in New Zealand you should visit. It will accommodate your hobby on watersports, fishing or sailing. You can reach this place about 3 hours from Auckland by car.

Since this is about watersports then you can get into the water for scuba diving. It is also available scuba diving lesson for you who want to get license but need to practice anyway. When you sail, you will see the Hole in the Rock and you can sail through it as long as you are in the right tide.

Milford Sound

If we talk about best places in New Zealand then it will not be fair if we do not include Milford Sound. Some travelers would call it as the “Eight Wonder of the World” though. This place is formed during the Ice Age by glaciers. You can see some evidences of it from the landscape around like the cliffs in the middle of the waterfalls and mountains.

To reach this place, you can use the boat offered near the area. You will meet several creatures of wildlife like penguins and dolphins. And if you have much time for your vacation then you can head to Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory. The observatory is floating and you can go more than 30 feet depth without have to be wet.

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Unfortunately, there are only a few places to stay close to the area. Still, it is better than you drive along for three and half hours to get another accommodation.


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. Besides, you will get what you want to know about New Zealand by visiting this city. It is easy to reach this place because a lot of international flights arrive in the airport of this city. So, this will be the great start for you to explore New Zealand, especially if you are the first-time traveler here.

You can visit the Auckland Art Gallery that shows the historic words and other art works with various styles. When the weather is good, you can consider to visiting the Auckland Domain Park. Do you like the culinary vacation? Well, there are a lot of bars and restaurants serve various cuisines you want to taste. Auckland is one of the best places in New Zealand.