3 Best Resorts in Costa Rica You should Visit

3 Best Resorts in Costa Rica You should Visit

There is no better place like Costa Rica to be your perfect getaway with your beloved one. Check out our recommended best resorts in Costa Rica!

Why Costa Rica

There is no doubt that there are so many hidden gems in Costa Rica. It is a land with a lot of diversity. From exuberant rainforest and impressive beaches, to the very unique architecture towns, Costa Rica will make your every cent worth to spend. One of the wealthiest nations is Costa Rica especially when it comes to the biodiversity. If the average countries in the world only have around 0.25% landmass of the world, Costa Rica has around 5% biodiversity of the world. It is also the largest percentage in the world of areas that are protected! Tourists can find pristine lakes, green mountains, dense jungles, great mountains between Pacific coasts and Costa Rica’s Caribbean. There are more than 1,000 miles of coastline too!

3 best resort areas to stay in Costa Rica

  • The Arenal Volcano

If you are daring enough, you should visit the Arenal Volcano. It is the perfect place for adrenaline lovers and perfect place for beautiful nature. It is including in the must-see-tourism places for tourists. The volcano’s fascinating natural wonder makes every spot worth to be captured. The landscape that you can see in this area are including caves, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, forests, and stunning traditional towns like La Fortuna.

  • Manuel Antonio Beach
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Are you looking for natural paradise? Then, you should go to the South of Quepos which is located on the Pacific Coast. It is a perfect combination of beaches, coral reefs, and rainforest. Many people admit that this area is the best resort areas with the most stunning spot in Costa Rica. You can go to the Manuel Antonio National Park too which is the smallest national park in Costa Rica and yet it is one of the richest biodiversity in the world.

  • San Jose

San Jose is Costa Rica’s largest and capital city. Central Valley is the location where San Jose can be found. It is perfect combination between modern and historical city exuberant with the traditions of Costa Rican. Nothing can beat this area as the perfect resort area!

So, The Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio Beach, San Jose are the right places for best resorts in Costa Rica. What are you waiting for? Go booked you ticket and enjoy the time of your life!