3 Fun Things to Do in Rochester NY

fun things to do in rochester ny surely should be considered if people really want to enjoy their spare time in this town. People actually can find the history which is long and illustrious in this city. Visitors of this city maybe do not know that this city was the biggest flour manufacturer in the United States. However, this city nowadays is more well-known for the entertainment atmosphere which can be found from the performances, festivals, as well as exhibitions which can be found all year round. People just need to go outside to see various kinds of attractions and here are things which can be done with fun when people are in Rochester, New York.

Highland Park

If people are looking for famous place to go in this city, Highland Park must be the answer. People know this place because of the arboretum as well as beautiful landscaping. They can stroll in the park to find impressive flora in this park. In the park, people can find various kinds of exotic and indigenous species including lilacs and Japanese maple. Every year, they can also enjoy the flower festivals. Besides the beautiful view of the plants and flower, they can enjoy monuments which are significant for culture and history such as Warner Castle and Vietnam Memorial.

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Memorial Art Gallery

The first opening of Memorial Art Gallery was dated back to 1913. There is no doubt that people will be able to find various great collection items at this place. They can find the art objects with contemporary design for instance. However, it is not the only impressive thing which can be found because there are also foreign collection items that come from many places in the world. If people want to enjoy the best art in the United States, they should visit this gallery which has dedication for this kind of exhibitions.

RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium

Enjoying night sky can be done at RMSC Strasenburgh Planetarium. This is the place where people can enjoy the impressive show which takes visitors on solar system tour. A projector will be used for showing them about the exact location of the stars as well planets. That is why people said that the star shows at this place are legendary. Laser performance must not be missed since people can enjoy the dancing lasers along with the music. Public can use the telescope freely. Regular educational film screening can also be found and it must be included in the fun things to do in rochester ny.

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