3 Historical Places to Visit in Rome in 3 days

3 Historical Places to Visit in Rome in 3 days

3 Historical Places to Visit in Rome in 3 days

3 days are definitely not enough to cover all tourism spots in Rome, However, this article will help you making the list of recommended places to visit in Rome in 3 days. Let’s check them out!

  • Vatican City

Vatican City is an area where the church leader namely Pope Francis lives. Pope Francis is a president who leads Catholic churches all over the world. Besides, he also leads the Vatican area now. Paus is an initial of job title name, for instance, pastor for Christian, imam for Moslems and paus for Catholics. Paus is the highest job title similar to a president. In Vatican City, you will find many headquarters houses and Roman Catholic Churches. In short, Vatican City is the head quarter of catholic churches all over the world.

  • Castel Saint Angelo

One of the most historical places to visit in Rome in 3 days is Castel Saint Angelo or also known as the mausoleum of Hadrian is believed as the tallest building in Rome. The development of the building was first begun in the year 135 until 139 under the emperor of Hadrian, which was initiated to be used as grave for him and his family. However, this building was later used as military fortress by paus, and now it is used as a museum. This Castel was also used as shooting location and one of the films is titled “Actie Thriller” starred by American actor “Tom Hanks” in 2009. To enter this museum, you need to pay as much as €10,50. Inside the Castel, you can enjoy the view of secret underground tunnels. There you will see many corridors as well as fortresses which were used as protection place of paus in the year of 1277. Besides, you can also see the catapult artillery in the Castel yard which was used to launch stone projectiles in past days that was considered as an effective tool during war.

  • Victor Emanuel II or Altare Della Patria Monument
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The monument of Victor Emanuel II or also well known as Altare Della Patria is a monument that located in Rome city. This building was designed by Giuseppe Sacconi in the year of 1895-1911 that was aimed to appreciate Victor Emmanuel, the first king of Italy Country. If you are interested to know the history about the unification of the Italian country, then it is a must for you to visit this place.

Those are all the 3 historical places to visit in Rome in 3 days.

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