3 Things to See and Do in Singapore

3 Things to See and Do in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country due to many recreation venues that it has. In those venues, there are actually many exciting things that you can do. Here are 3 things to see and do in Singapore should you plan to visit it soon.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is perhaps the most exciting resort in Singapore. Many great attractions and entertainments that Singapore offers are actually located in this area. For visitors, visiting Marina Bay Sands in Marina Bay, seeing its scenery and enjoying its attractions are among the best things to see and do in Singapore.

What to Do in Marina Bay Sands

Everyone can enjoy Marina Bay Sands attractions. You can visit Marina Bay Sands to visit the mall, look inside the ArtScience Museum, watch Formula One race on Marina Bay street circuit, get relaxed in the Gardens by the Bay, and do many other great things in various parts of this area.

  1. Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk is a shopping center located in the Downtown Core, Singapore. It is a great place for shoppers looking for designer products. This shopping center also houses a number of restaurants and attractions that make it a perfect place to visit for your family.

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What to Do in Millenia Walk

Apart from shopping, you can also visit any restaurants that you can visit in this shopping center. Sapporo Ramen Miharu is among the most famous eateries that you can find there. One signature attraction that you cannot find everywhere in Singapore except in this shopping center is urban ski. If you want to try snow-less ski and snowboarding, visiting Millenia Walk is a must.

  1. Coney Island

Coney Island is one of more than sixty islands off the coast of Singapore’s main island. This island is a newly explored tourism destination, so most of it is still fresh and pristine. It is one of the rarest places in Singapore where you can enjoy the nature

What to Do in Coney Island

Coney Island’s environment is enjoyable to see and to do activities in. What you can see and do there are the best things to see and do in Singapore, especially if you are a nature lover. You can camp there, jet-ski off its coast, enjoy its scenery and capture it in photographs, and simply enjoy the freshness of the nature. Coney Island is your best destination if you want to escape from the busier parts of Singapore.

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