3 Things to Do In Wheeling WV

Things to do in Wheeling WV will not make you feel bored. This is the most appropriate city to provide educational tours. If you visit this city with your family then you can go to museum or park. You can camp in the park. This article will give you a suitable place for your family.

Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum

This museum is a unique place. You will return to your past while visiting this season. You can bring fond memories of your childhood by looking at all the toys in this museum. You can visit this museum with your family and friends. The museum has several floors. The first floor is used for toys. This is a toy that comes from every generation. You will definitely find your past toys in this museum. You will hope to find your toys while exploring all the rooms in this museum. The museum has four classrooms that are used as a backdrop to showcase the toy. The museum attendant can be your guide to explain the history of the toy.

The front lobby is used to display Lego. The Lego forms a long train and line. You will be amazed when the piano from Lego can play beautiful music. The museum also has a doll room. This is the largest room in this museum. There are many models of dolls made from various materials such as plastic, metal, vinyl, cardboard, and so forth.

Oglebay Park

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The park has beautiful cottages. This is an appropriate park for camping and spending time with your family. You will see the playground and the zoo. You can play golf, shop or around the cabin. The park has a bar filled with pleasant visitors. Saturday night is a day not to be missed by everyone. This park is often used to hold weddings. Two young bartenders from this bar become popular and you can meet them.

Suspension Bridge

If you want to see beautiful scenery, then you can come to this bridge. This is the bridge that is the main attraction of this city. It is the largest suspension bridge in the world from 1849 to 1851. It stretches across a large river. If you walk on this bridge, then you can see the Appalachian mountain in the western part of this bridge. The mountains offer a cool air for visitors to this bridge. That’s the things to do in Wheeling WV.