3 of Top 10 Things to Do in Maui

top 10 things to do in maui can be a lot of things which people can do when they are visiting Maui in Hawaii. Hawaii archipelago surely becomes one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world. This is the place where people can enjoy the tropical environment and beautiful islands scenery at the same time. The unique geographic characteristic also makes this place attractive destination. Many things can be done in Maui but here are some things which must not be missed in this beautiful place.

Haleakala Peak

When people think about Hawaii, the tropical islands will appear in their mind but at the same time, they will also think about volcano. Several active volcanoes can be found in the archipelago and it can be challenging activity to do. Nevertheless, to enjoy something which is less dangerous, people just need to go to the Haleakala Peak. Haleakala is an inactive volcano so people do not have to worry about the eruption danger. This is the place where people can enjoy sunrise view as well as stargazing. This peak must be the highest point of Maui so people will be able to enjoy the wonderful view.

The Road to Hana Touring

Since people are in Hawaii, they think that they should spend most of their time for enjoying the beach. In fact, they will miss a great adventure if they do not spare a day for the road to Hana touring. They will follow the coastal road. They will be able to drive through the rainforest where they can see not only pretty beaches but also waterfalls as well as lava cliffs. It does not mean that they must stop in Hana because they can drive further to enjoy Kipahulu area where they can hike to find Oheo Gulch.

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It is the time to really enjoy the ocean. Molokoni must be the best place to sail or cruise. They can even dive or just snorkel at this place. This place has crescent shape of the top as the result of extinct volcano. This is the sanctuary for bird and marine life. If people are looking for one of the best snorkeling sport, Molokoni must be the answer. Beautiful Maui view can be enjoyed by taking the boat to the area of crater. They can also make it into whale watching cruise during winter. Superb activities are in the top 10 things to do in maui.