3 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Dubai

3 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Dubai

Places to visit in Dubai are dominated with the luxury and the glitzy. Besides the shopping malls and entertainment center, there are places we want to share with you.

Burj Khalifa

It is like the landmark building of Dubai. It also is the tallest building in the world – 829.8 meters. Most people say that it is a must to get to the “observation deck” that is located in 124th floor of this building. The view shows you the city skyline from a perspective of bird’s eye. It iw pretty staggering though.

In the nighttime, most visitors are the photographers. Dubai is famous with the panorama of city lights. If you want to visit this building then you need to book it in advance. Long line-ups is very possible especially on the weekend, since it is one of best places to visit in Dubai.

Dubai Museum

The museum is located in Al-Fahidi Fort, precisely in the Dubai creek. The wall of the fort is built with the coral-blocks and using lime as the glue. The entrance shows you the fascinating exhibition of Emirates and Dubai’s old maps. You can also see the expansion of mammoth.

The courtyard is the place you can see some traditional boats and also house made of palm-leaf as well as the wind tower of Emirati. The hall in the right hand is featuring the weaponry, while the hall on the left hand shows all instruments of Emirati. There is still another room below the ground floor. It shows the exhibitions and dioramas about various aspects related to life of Emirati.

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The room also includes the Bedouin desert life and pearl fishing. You may also find the showcase of artifacts at the archaeological site of Al Qusais.

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s house

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum ruled Dubai between 1921 until 1958. The Sheikh is also the current ruler’ grandfather. The residence was restored and rebuilt. Nowadays the house is served as a museum that shows the architecture of Arabian. Originally, the house was created in 1896 by the father of Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum. However, the original house was destroyed and demolished and the restored house was built next to the original one.

Inside the house, you will see the exhibit of Photographs and Documents as well as the Dubai Museum of Historical. There are a lot of Dubai photographs between 1948 until around 1953. Besides the photographs, there are also many stamps, coins, maps and letters displayed. No wonder this house is one of best places to visit in Dubai.