4 Amazing Places to go in Thailand

4 Amazing Places to go in Thailand

Thailand has its own attraction of uniqueness that can make you want to go there. What are the recommended places to go in Thailand? Here is the list!

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Thailand’s markets are significant part of the Thai’s economic and local culture. They are lively and exciting. Don’t skin Damnoen Saduak Floating Market where you can experience shopping from a long-tail boat. If you want to go there from Bangkok, it is around an-hour and a half driving. This market is fully functional. You can buy souvenirs, food, fresh produce, and clothing. The best time to visit this market is around 6 a.m. There are many food stalls offer delicious Thai breakfast.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

Ayutthaya is an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as beautiful historical park. From Bangkok, it takes only one-hour driving. This city was the Thai’s capital city for 417 years until Burmese destructed it. During the attack, the structures that were able to survive were buried under the ground for so long. Tourists can walk and see around the ruins to see impressive Budha statues, palaces, and temples. Don’t forget to see the iconic magic in this area which is Ayutthaya. It is overgrown head of Budha behind Mahathat Temple.

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Sunday Night Walking Street in Chiang Mai

This Sunday market is popularly known as the “Rose of the North”. Many tourists from across the country are tempted by its plentiful food stalls, laid back culture, spirited nightlife, and of course amazing Buddhist temples. Even though you don’t like shopping, make sure that you check out the bustling culture of shopping here where you can find tough bargain between sellers and shoppers.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace

The last place you have to visit in Thailand is the one and only Bangkok’s Grand Palace. It was built for the new capital of Thailand after Ayutthaya was destructed by the Burmese. It was built along the river of Chao Praya in Bangkok. There are many places in this 218,000-square meter including Buddhist temples, government offices, throne halls, royal residences, and valuable works of art museums. You need at least three hours to explore the Grand Palace. In here, you can also see statues of the previous rulers or kings of the dynasty’s Chakri, Ankor Watt’s miniature version, and large chedi in gold.

You can book your ticket for several places to go in Thailand online. What are you waiting for?