4 Best Places to Find Fun Things to Do in Tulsa

Have Tulsa in your vacation schedule? That’s good thing, because you can find fun things to do in tulsa. Tulsa itself is well-known as one of unique city in Oklahoma. Art lover will have great time in this city. So, if you are one of them, we can make sure that you will get best experience here. Now, to maximize the pleasure when you visit Tulsa, you can’t just choose any places to visit. Here are some of great choices for your destination when you visit Tulsa.

Philbrook Museum of Art

You can find it on the Southern part of Tulsa. The place was designed and built by Edward Buehler Delk, in 1927. Here, you can enjoy one of best collection from famous artist. Picasso and Andrew Wyeth are some of artist that had their artwork displayed here. You can follow the museum tour to enjoy all of them. Or, if you want, you also can enjoy the beautiful garden around this museum.

Gilcrease Museum

If you want to enjoy the best collection of American West artwork, this place is the best choice. Like Philbrook Museum, this museum also has garden around it. Therefore, you also can enjoy them, if you want something else to enjoy other than art. But, we think, you won’t even get bored with the huge collection of artwork here. So, try the museum tour or if you want more, you can even join classes and workshop here.

Tulsa Farmers’ Market

Now, the other fun things to do here is shopping farm product. And, you can find it in “The Cherry Street District”, where you can buy fresh local product. In the past, this area only has few numbers of stores. However, it has been grown. And now, you can find more than 100 vendors where you buy freshly harvested farm product here.

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The Woodwark Park and Gardens Historic District

The park is 45 acres wide. Here, you can enjoy 9,000 more of roses from 250 different varieties. Therefore, this park is one of the most beautiful parks you can find in US. And, you can choose them as the place to spend your time with your loved one. This will give you one of best romantic experience. Here, you also can have fun things to do in tulsa by visiting glass conservatory and sunken garden. However, there are more other places you can find in Tulsa. So, don’t hesitate to explore more.