4 Best Places to See in Rome Italy

4 Best Places to See in Rome Italy

Rome is a city which is filled with arts and many tourist attractions. Therefore, it is understandable if you, especially who are going to visit it for the first time, have no idea where to go first. However, we suggest you to at least visit these places when you are in Rome.


For your information, Vatican is considered as the smallest state in the universe. It only has less than 0.5 km2, which is bordered by Vatican walls. In the city, you will be able to find a stunning Vatican Palace (St. Peter’s Basilica) and its beautiful gardens. All of the Vatican is ruled by a Pope, whom we know becomes the Supreme Leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Not only is St. Peter’s Basilica beautiful, but it also keeps so many historical arts inside. Those arts are the masterpieces of Michaelangelo, Bernini, and many other well known artists. This palace is definitely an art museum, where you can find many jawdroping famous works of arts. Most of the artworks emphasize the religious theme.


If Paris has the iconic Eiffel Tower, then Rome is ready to impress you with its large iconic Colosseum. It was built and used as a sports arena in 72 AD. Six years later, this large oval sport arena was renovated and fourth stories were added to make the building even larger. It was large enough to be used for games, performances, festivals, circuses, and many other attractions. The first story of the building was the place where royal families and high officials used to watch the performance. The second was for aristocratic families, and the rest two floors were for the ordinary populace.

Trevi Fountain

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This is definitely one of the most popular places to see in Rome Italy. As the seventeenth century masterpiece, Trevi Fountain is a spot where many tourists come every day to throw a coin. Throwing a coin into this fountain is believed to assure that you will return to Rome again someday. This fountain is also the largest in Rome, which was created by Nicolo Salvi for Pope Clement XII in 1730s.

Centro Storico

The reason why Centro Storico is included in the list of the places to see in Rome Italy is because it is filled with so many interesting tourist spots, including palaces, churches, and also lively squares! It is guaranteed that you will love to spend your holiday strolling Cantro Storico’s beautiful streets. One of the most popular spots that you must stop by is the Spanish Steps, which leads up to the beautiful Trinita dei Monti Church.