4 Best Places to Visit in Manila

4 Best Places to Visit in Manila

If you are looking for interesting places to visit in Manila, then you are coming to the right article. There is still few people choose manila as their destination. In fact, visiting manila would be your unforgettable experience since it has many tourism spots to enjoy. Here are several tourism spots that you can enjoy during holiday time:

  • Chocolate hills

Good news for those who likes chocolate, because in Manila, you can enjoy the view of Chocolate Hills. You may have first thought that these hills are only planted with chocolate trees. Actually, the idea behind the name of Chocolate Hills is due to the color of the hills itself. The unique part of these hills is the height of all hills is similar. The best time to visit this place is during summer season and in the afternoon, since the brown color will turn out best during this time.

  • Banaue Rice Terrace

Banaue rice terrace is located around the Ifugao Mountain. Many local citizens still rely on the final products of rice paddy from Banaue rice terrace. Therefore, this activity makes the Banaue Rice Terrace looks alive up until now. The unique part of this place is that the local citizens are already good in handling the irrigation system since then. Thus, make sure that you do not miss this view while you are in manila.

  • El Nido
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El Nido is one of many white beach sands in Manila. It is located in the Southern part of Manila city. Because of the beauty of El Nido, it can achieve the first rank as the most beautiful beaches in the world. In this place, you are able to not only enjoy the scenery but also go diving to see the underwater view full of sub-tropical of fish species. After knowing the plus sides of El Nido, there is no reason for you not to visit EL-Nido.

  • Caramoan, Camarine Cur

Not only El Nido that offers you with white beach sands view, but there is also other beaches that can add your reference to your travel itinerary namely Caramoan in Camarine Sur. This beach is still considered as private beach as there are still few people come to this beach. Not only you can see the beautiful view but you can also find Laguna here.

So, are you guys interested to visit this Manila? Those are all the 4 best places to visit in Manila that you should not miss!