4 Best Things to Do in Twin Falls Idaho

Things to Do in Twin Falls Idaho not only enjoy the natural scenery but fun activities. The landscape is part of the recreational activities in this place. You can do other things with your partner, family or friends. If you have ever been to this area, then you should start making plans to visit this region. You can definitely forget your stress when visiting this place. You will only see a crystal clear waterfall.

Shoshone Falls

This waterfall is called Niagara of the West. This is because there are many visitors who are interested in this place. This place has become the main destination for these visitors. It is a 212-foot high waterfall. This waterfall is higher than the Niagara Falls. This waterfall is not as wide as a waterfall in the east. This waterfall will become irrigated in the summer. You cannot see the water flowing from this waterfall in summer. If you want to see this waterfall, then you can enter the state park. You have to pay the entrance fee for your car. This park is a clean picnic area. The park is equipped with walkways and toilets. You can fish or catch a boat while visiting this park. You will also find a small tourist shop.

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Snake River Canyon

This is a unique river because of this river through the canyon walls for years. The river creates beautiful cliffs. You can see the various points of view of the gorge. If the sun sets, then you will see the water that shines because it is illuminated by the sun. Photographers definitely dream of this place. In the afternoon provides the most appropriate moment to take a picture of this scene. Visitor’s Center becomes the most appropriate point to capture the moment.

Perrine Bridge

This is the only bridge made with a unique structure because you can jump from the bridge into the river without permission. This bridge has a height of 486 feet. You need equipment to do so. You must have a parachute to land safely. This activity is not suitable for the weak.


You must not miss the city center. The city center is not big but you can see unique buildings, nice shops, and some delicious eating places. You can shop at a new store. You will find shops selling vintage items. You will feel like going into another world while visiting the store. Let’s choose the things to do in Twin Falls Idaho.