4 Breathtaking Places to Visit in New Zealand

4 Breathtaking Places to Visit in New Zealand

Holiday is around the corner and if you are currently choosing New Zealand for spending your holiday time, then make sure you include 3 recommended places to visit in New Zealand. New Zealand or popularly known as village upon the clouds is identic with the areas which are always covered by clouds. One of the geographic characteristics of New Zealand is the country with 2 big islands, they are Northern island and Southern island which are very popular by its natural tourism spot which is very breathtaking that looks like a small paradise on earth. Are you interested to go there? Let’s begins your step by knowing 3 most popular places to visit in New Zealand

  • Queenstown

Being built around inlet and surrounded by Alpen mountain range with a long and thin shape, this place is also popular with hundreds of lakes.  If you are adrenaline junkie, then, you can also try bungee jumping in this town. The best time to enjoy this city is at night from above the hills, as you can see the city lights combine with the surreal view of the Alpen Mountain Range.

  • Hobbiton

Do you consider yourself as Narnian or TLOTR freaks? Your life is not complete yet without visiting Hobbition. This place is a popular place with various kinds of flower, the cleanliness of their environment and the warm atmosphere filled inside the cave, a place where the characters live. This place was used to be a sheep farm, now this area becomes a breathtaking area with paradise looks that later become the reason why this place has popular name known as a village upon the sky.

  • Pukaki lake
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With the whole size of area around 178,7 km, Pukaki lake is one of the biggest lakes in New Zealand, completed with its breathtaking view that includes the crystal-clear water and a nice cold weather. In addition, you can also enjoy the view of cook mountain peak from Pukaki Lake. Once you are here, you are also able to see the beauty of lavender with a view of Mt. Cook.

  • Mount Victoria

Wellington is the biggest city and it is also the capital city of New Zealand. When you are travelling from West to the East, you will see the beautiful, real and breathtaking view from Wellington city with 196 above from sea level.

Those are all the 4 most breathtaking places to visit in New Zealand that you should not miss.