4 Cool Things to Do in Singapore at Night

4 Cool Things to Do in Singapore at Night

Singapore is a luminous city, a city that never sleeps, so if you already explore this ultramodern city-state at daytime, you may want to know what happens to it at night. Here are 4 cool things to do in Singapore at night.

  1. Visit Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay look great at daytime. The futuristic supertrees look enthralling with its blend of modern metallic structure with lush nature. At night, those trees look even more enchanting with their colorful lights. Garden Rhapsody, which takes place every night, is a free show where you can enjoy the sight of rainbow-like light arrangement dancing in the dark. This show is a unique sight that you certainly don’t want to miss when you are in Singapore.

  1. Join Movie Mob screening.

Movie Mob is an open free event in which you can participate in the screening of new films. In this event, you are welcomed to watch new movies in an open space and to give your vote on the movie being screened. It is an exciting event because you can watch movie for free and have your vote heard. There are two ways you can join Movie Mob screening, you can use your car and watch the movie using drive-in method or visit any non-drive-in spots.

  1. Play your favorite board games.
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Why should you go to Singapore and wander at night just to play board games? Because in Singapore, there is a board game café where you can play more than 500 board games alone, with your friends or fellow tourists, or with strangers. You can play your favorite board games while enjoying food and drinks provided by the café. If you are a board game lover, playing your favorite board games in this café is obviously one of the coolest things to do in Singapore at night.

  1. Stroll around the Southern Ridge.

Just like Gardens by the Bay, Southern Ridge looks amazing at daytime, but it looks even more ethereal at night. This combination of modern architecture and lush nature emits unearthly atmosphere at night, especially around the bridge where soft light gives a charming look. If you are looking for an excellent picnic site at night, visiting Southern Ridge and perhaps reach Labrador Nature Reserve is certainly one of the best things to do in Singapore at night. The panoramic view around the nature reserve is great not only at daytime, but also at night.