4 Fabulous Things to Do in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Hyannis is a prominent town in Cape Cod. This city is often called to be Capital of Cape Cod. It is not popular as New York or even Los Angeles. But, the beauty of this city is same as those cities. This city is very amazing with the beautiful sight and some things to do in Hyannis. It makes you difficult to forget every single moment in this city.

Exploring Hyannis’ Main Street

When you step down for the first time in Hyannis, it is better to reveal the beauty of Hyannis’ Main Street. Exploring the main street of Hyannis never makes you disappointed. You will find a number of boutiques and shops lining. Not only shops and boutiques, you can find museums, bars, restaurants, and architecture in the street. To enjoy the beauty of Hyannis, it is good to ride your bike or bicycle. This makes you enjoy the view and sight of Hyannis in simple way.

Exploring the Waterfront

The next things to do in Hyannis are exploring the Waterfront. To reach there, you can cross and pass a well – marked path from the main street of Hyannis. It is good to watch and concern on the street signs. It avoids you getting lost. When you reached this waterfront, there are a number of things to do. Those are so amazing and fun. Cruising harbor is the first thing to do. Then, you don’t forget to rent a fishing boat to explore this place. Exploring one of the local islands in this waterfront can be conducted. Finally, visiting some kinds of artist stores is joyful to do.

Tasting Delicious Foods

Tasting foods in Hyannis never disappoints you. The taste is fun, tasty, and so delicious. Why don’t you go to the ice cream shop to enjoy the unique taste of ice cream? It offers various both unique and traditional ice cream flavors. You can wait a process of making ice cream in the shop. Then, you don’t only find ice cream shops; you may also find shops selling candies and fudge to try. Hyannis’ potato chip should be tried because it has different taste and form.

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Learning History

In Hyannis, you should go to John F Kennedy Museum. This is a right place to learn the beginning of Hyannis city related to Kennedy family. Cape Code Maritime Museum is in this city in which you can learn all about things of maritime. The other museums are obligatory to visit because those offer a number of historical stories about Hyannis. Those are some things to do in Hyannis.

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