4 Fun Things to Do in Singapore for Couples

4 Fun Things to Do in Singapore for Couples

With so many beautiful spots, Singapore is undoubtedly a romantic city. There are many great places to visit if you are traveling with your partner or spouse and there also many activities to enjoy together. If you hope that your trip would be a romantic one, you should take a look at the following four fun things to do in Singapore for couples.

  1. Board on a love boat.

Sailing together with your partner is obviously one of the most romantic things you can do in Singapore. Singapore is known for its clean water and beautiful scenery along its river banks. By sailing together with your partner, you will have much time to admire the scenery, the atmosphere, and your togetherness. You can start your romantic sailing from Clarke Quay or Esplanade Theater.

  1. Enjoy tropical paradise in Sentosa Island.

There are not many beaches in Singapore, but if you visit Sentosa Island as a couple, you will know that you are not yet leaving Southeast Asia. A fantastic tropical beach with fresh and cool breeze, crystal-clear water, romantic atmosphere, and beautiful landscaping can be found on this island. Spend your honeymoon in this island and you will have the most amazing honeymoon ever.

  1. Enjoy natural attractions.
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Amidst Singapore’s busy metropolitan, you can still find some serene spots where you can have a quiet romantic moment with your beloved one. You can visit the Botanic Gardens to enjoy the well-preserved and well-landscaped nature, you can also join a safari in the zoo, and you can also stroll around the Gardens by the Bay to enjoy an unforgettable modern natural attraction. At any places you can find greeneries, those places are perfect places to enjoy various things to do in Singapore for couples.

  1. Do some romantic adventure.

Hiking and adventuring are exciting if you do it alone, but it will be even more sensational if you do it with someone you love. Although Singapore is considered the Southeast Asian jungle of skyscrapers, real jungles and hiking spots can still be found in the island. If you enjoy hiking with your partner or spouse, you can start your journey at the Southern Ridges and hike your way to Mount Faber, from which you can watch the majestic skyline of the city. Exploring secluded places like Sungei Buloh Wetlands is also among the best things to do in Singapore for couples if you wish to enjoy a romantic moment in a tranquil place.

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