4 Fun Things to Do in Walnut Creek


Walnut Creek is a city located in Contra Costa County, California, United States. This city is located in a prospective area in the East Bay. It is a tourism destination for tourists and travelers due to its nature beauty. There are some fun things to do in Walnut Creek as a main tourism destination. You can do the following things while you are spending there.


Spending time in Walnut Creek is the right spot for shopping. This city offers some high end and popular boutiques. It is also available some kinds of clothing stores for tourists and travelers. You can find jewelry shops in this city. Take your favorite items for the souvenir from this city. Downtown view of Walnut Creek makes your shopping activity run interesting. You can see the amazing picturesque of tree and downtown situation while shopping. Downtown shopping becomes a good activity in this city.

Visiting Ruth Bancroft Garden

What else is another thing to do? You shouldn’t forget to visit Ruth Bancroft Garden when you have holiday in Walnut Creek. Ruth Bancroft Garden can be included the list of things to do in Walnut Creek. In this garden, you can enjoy a fun and relaxing afternoon surrounded by amazingly local flora and fauna in this garden. It is a dry garden with some kinds of tropical plants and floras. You can find cacti in this garden. If you want to buy tropical plants in this garden, you can buy it in the nearest nursery selling so many kinds of plants and trees. You can make your own garden at home.

Enjoying Wine in Canvas and Cabernet    

Do you want to relax your mind and body? Wine seems to be a unique way to relax your mind at evening with your friends. Why don’t you go to Canvas and Cabernet in Walnut Creek? It is a right place to have fun and drink wine. It is not a place to enjoy wine only. But, you can learn many more in this place. You can join an artistic class there with basic acrylic painting techniques when you are drinking wine. Of course, you can enrich your knowledge while you are visiting this place.

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Watching Concerts in Lesher Center for the Arts

The last fun things to do in Walnut Creek is enjoying concert in Lesher Center for the Arts. This center offers theatrical theaters and concerts for the visitors. It is all about art performances in this center. You can watch musical concert, drama, dance troupes, and the other art performances. The tickets are sold in very reasonable price.

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