4 Things To Do In Colorado Springs This Weekend

Things to do in colorado springs this weekend is the topic of this article. If you are confused of what you should do, you just need to choose one or more of the following things we suggest.

  1. The Garden of Gods

If you are a natural lover, this place is a must to visit. The main attraction on this garden is the formation of magnificent red rock. The form is so magnificent, which makes many people thought that it is made by the deities. Besides that, this garden also has sandstone pillars, which formed because of the geological activity as well as the rainfall over millennia. You can also learn the formation on the Visitor and Nature Center. You can explore this garden by foot or even by bike.

  1. Manitou Springs

First thing you need to know is that Manitou Spring is not a part of the Colorado Springs. This place located in the Rocky Mountain foothills. It is about 6 miles northwest from the central Colorado Springs. Now, Manitou springs already became a National Historic District, which means that you will be able to find many things related to history here. Art galleries, outdoor cafes as well as funky boutiques are some of the easiest place you can find.

  1. North Cheyenne Canon Park
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If you are planning to visit Colorado springs, visiting North Cheyenne Canon Park is other things to do in colorado springs this weekend you should not forget. It is located approximately 7 miles southwest of the town. On this park, you can enjoy the look of 1000 foot of deep canyon within 1,600 acres. This place also can be a wildlife you can enjoy. Somme animals on this place include deer, mountains lions, as well as black bears. Besides that, you can also have a great adventure of hiking on the available trails.

  1. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Are you an animal lover? If yes, it means that you should put Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the list of places you have to visit. It is located in the foot of the Cheyenne Mountains. On this place, you can find various creatures, which are furry, feathery, or even scaly. This place also offers the visitor with open air ride as well as snap photos. Feeding the giraffe as well as taking a spin of the chairlift style on this zoo is other popular things to do in colorado springs this weekend.