4 Things To Do In San Marcos

Things to do in san marcos is so many. This city, which located in the heart of central Texas also gets another name as San Marvelous. Based on archaeological findings, the history of this city started from nearly 12,000 years ago. Finding historical building as well as site is one of the most popular attractions. For more information, keep your reading on the following brief explanation.

  1. The San Marcos River

One of the most outstanding attractions from San Marcos is the river. This river stays between 68 up to 72 degrees throughout the year. There are many things, which you can do here. One of the most popular activities is tubing the river. If you do not want to have it, you can prefer kayaking for the other option. The popular spot to do kayaking is on the Olympic Outdoor center. Besides that, this place also offers the visitor with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) yoga.

  1. San Marcos Wonder World

The next challenging things to do in san marcos is by visiting this place. Here, you will be able to enjoy the guided tour of the Balcones Fault line, also observing through the tower. Other interesting activity you should miss is the anti-gravity house. Besides that, this place also provides you with the experience of tasting the wildlife. This place will be a certainly amazing place for you and your family to spend your holiday.

  1. Sunset Lanes Bowling
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If you wonder about getting the best spot to catch some pictures, this place is the top recommended one for you. This place has 24 lanes in classic style bowling alley.  Here, you can also enjoy the concession stand, which offer you the best hamburger you can find in San Marcos.

  1. Dicks Classic Car Museum

For you who loved to wonder on the collection of cars, this place offers the best spot you can visit as well. This museum is the part of the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History. This museum founded around 1980. This museum put its dedication to the history as well as the preservation of classic automobile. This museum can show you more than 80 cars. The collection varies in many ranges. It started from the year of 1901 up to 1959. Tpur is available is available for any visitor. You can have great photo shoots, or enjoy the special events often held.  Visiting this place is certainly other things to do in san marcos.