4 Things to Do in Singapore on a Budget

4 Things to Do in Singapore on a Budget

If you think that Singapore is an expensive city, think again because there are actually many things to do in Singapore on a budget. The 4 attractions that are listed below are either free or cheap attractions that you can enjoy when you are in Singapore.

  1. Visiting the Gardens

Garden visit is an interesting activity that you can do anywhere on earth, but if you do it in Singapore, your experience will be unforgettable. Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is made up of a blend of nature and futuristic design. The large supertree structures that you see there look wonderful with lush plants vining them. The landscaping is so great that you will want to stay there long enough to keep your eyes and mind soothed. The garden complex consists of three distinct waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden, all of which are great places to visit.

  1. Watching Lighting Show

Lighting show is a nighttime attraction that you can enjoy for free. There are several interesting spots where you can enjoy this attraction, such as Gardens by the Bay (called Garden Rhapsody) and ION Orchard. The lighting is so impressive that you if you have seen those places attractive at daytime, they will look much more enchanting at night. If you are happy with what you see outside ION Orchard, go inside and reach the 56th floor to reach ION Sky to see the magnificent panoramic view of Singapore skyline. Entry is free, so watching lighting show at those spots is definitely one of the best things to do in Singapore on a budget.

  1. Enjoying Street Meal.
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Just next to Gardens by the Bay you can find Satay by the Bay, a hawker center where you can find street food vendors selling a large variety of reasonably priced foods. This is a perfect eating spot not only for people who are looking for budget-friendly meal, but also for people looking for exotic Southeast Asian foods. Here you can almost all kinds of food and drink you can find in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and many others. Take your time to eat there while enjoying fresh air and the beautiful scenery of the nearby gardens.

  1. Shopping at Orchard Road

Just because you are traveling on budget doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy binge shopping. In Singapore, Orchard Road has long been regarded as shoppers’ paradise. There are many shops along this road that sell branded products with expensive price, but there are also many shops selling discount and cheap products. Shopping at Orchard Road is definitely one of recommended things to do in Singapore on a budget.