4 Things to Do in Singapore Today

4 Things to Do in Singapore Today

Singapore has always been attractive, but the most appealing thing about this small Southeast Asian country is that new attractions are constantly appearing. There are many things to do in Singapore today that you cannot enjoy yesterday or a year before. What are they? Here are four new things that you can do in Singapore in 2018.

  1. Visit a new mall in Paya Lebar.

A new gigantic mall will open in Paya Lebar in mid-2018. If you live in nearby area or is planning to visit Singapore soon, you may need to include the new Paya Lebar Quarter in your itinerary. The north wing of Northpoint City mall was opened 1992, and the newly established south wing was opened just recently in 2017. If you haven’t visited the new shopping and entertainment venue, you may need to plan a visit to it today.

  1. Eat and Drink at A&W

What is special about A&W? A&W was operating its Business in Singapore before being closed 14 years ago. Now in 2018, this fast food franchise is returning to Singapore. If you miss A&W’s signature curly fries and coney dogs, today might be the best time to visit any A&W restaurants in Singapore. You can enjoy the delicious meal before concluding your meal with the special A&W root beer float.

  1. Enjoy the thrill of bungee jump with AJ Hackett
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There are many spots in Singapore where you can enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping, but if you want to try something new, you should consider doing an adrenaline-boosting bungee jump with AJ Hackett Sentosa, which was opened in 2017. You will not only be able to jump from the altitude of 50 meters, but you can also perform one of more than 20 bungee jumping styles available. If you are a thrill-lover enjoying bungee jump with AJ Hackett Sentosa is obviously one of the best things to do in Singapore today. Besides bungee jumping, there are also other thrilling activities that you can do, including vertical skywalk, skybridge stroll and giant swing.

  1. Visit Parkview Museum.

Parkview Museum is a new art museum opened last year, so visiting it would be one of the greatest things to do in Singapore today. Its tall ceiling is a sign that the museum is designed to exhibit all kinds of work of art, including the most monstrous ones. Visit this museum today if you are an avid art lover.