4 Things to See in Rome by Night

4 Things to See in Rome by Night

Things to see in Rome by night will be a bit different than what you can find in the daylight, even though some of them are open from the day to the night. Here we have the list.

Via dei Fori Imperiali and Colosseum

Colosseum will show you the spectacular show of spotlights after the sun goes down. The atmosphere becomes very romantic with special effects involved in the show. Along the Forum, you will also see holograms on the wall of several buildings. The hologram shows how the buildings used to look like back then in ancient era.

If you want to get more exciting tour then you can consider to joining the “Colesseum under the Moon Tour”. There will be a licensed guide to show you around as well as telling the stories about every place you visit.

The Janiculum

One of best things to see in Rome by night is the Janiculum. It shows the best Panorama in the city located in the beautiful garden. Around the garden, you may find a nice local restaurant or have a romantic walk from the restaurant to the Janiculum.

Rome is like the place to heat up the romance. You can even fall in love in Rome for instant just because the place. When you are here, it is really important to bring camera especially if you want to snap the memory you like during this romantic vacation at night.

Castel Sant’Angelo

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This place is also known as the Mausoleum of Hadrian. This is a cylindrical building located very close to the holy Vatican. This is why the building is named Castle of the Holy Angel. There is a long bridge at the end of the building. It gets illuminated at night by some bright lights. When the moon appears, you will get to see the gorgeous shadows and lights that play on the water.

Vatican City

If you have visited Castel Sant’Angelo then you can be easily get to the Vatican. It is like the most suggestive atmosphere presents on the road to Vatican especially at night. There is a huge street named Via della Conciliazione that will take you the Basilica. The walls are white and look contrast with the dark sky above.

The tour to Vatican at night is also available. You can surf the internet to find out about this tour package. After all, the night time could be the best things to see in Rome.