5 Amazing Places to See in Rome

5 Amazing Places to See in Rome

Italian cities offering exotic and great buildings. One of the buildings is in Rome. Places to see in Rome are so amazing and marvelous. It has some ancient and old building with interesting history.


Colosseum is the rest of amfitheater ruins in Rome being one of the most popular tourism destinations in Italian and even in the world. The building has 80 doors located in the east of Roman Forum. Based on the news, Colosseum area was a place to show and perform gladiator between human and animal. It also becomes a place of prisoner’s execution.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the biggest waterfall in Rome city and has been popular in the world. The waterfall was built in the era of Paus Clement XII. This building has very beautiful architecture design and has Neptunus statue in the center of the building. There is a famous myth about this building. For the people able to throw coins to the waterfall with a right hand over the left shoulder, they will be able to get back to Rome.

Roman Forum

Roman Forum is in Italian language called Fora Romano. It is a square or field in Rome surrounded by the rest of ruins that has been built since the past era. In this building, there is an old temple. The temple is called Temple of Saturn being a Roman temple that has been built in 497 BC. You can explore the nature beauty of this building and find historical information of this amazing building.

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Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is the most beautiful and famous field square in Rome. In ancient Roman era, Piazza Navona becomes a place for horse racing. It belongs to one of the most visited places to see in Rome. But, today the function of this building has a different function to be a tourism destination with your family. It has some cafes, restaurants, and great waterfall. One of the spots is Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi.


Pantheon is a Roman building since 7th century. This building has a function to be Catholic Rome Church. This church is located in the edge of Piazza Della Rotonda being an field located in the center of city in Rome. It was built in 126 AD. This is a temple used to adore all Roman gods in that time. Those are some places to see in Rome that you must visit.