5 Best Natural Scenery Destinations in the World

5 Best Natural Scenery Destinations in the World

You should know that no matter where you live in this planet, there are so many beautiful places with best natural scenery to visit and enjoy the breathtaking sight. However to help you make a selection, check a list below.

5 Best natural scenery in the world:

Grand Canyon, US

This Grand Canyon is the steep, 18 mile wide and 1 mile deep that is so incredible, although you are able to see only the small part of it. There are many life  growing in the steep side, even you are able to see more on the hiking trails in the northern side where is less crowded as well. There are several popular views, they are Mather Point, Yavapai Observation Station and Mary Colter’s Lookout Studio.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Soosusvlei is located in Namibian National Park in the southern area of Namib dessert. Like other deserts, this Namib Desert was just dry for years. However, there is a time when the rains were rich and the dessert is filled by much water. No wonder that there are so many photographers from all over the world come to capture this magnificent moment when the desert is filled by water and there are many creatures come to this marshy coat.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

The Plittvice Lakes are kind of magical world which been surrounded by ancient forest, waterfalls, natural bridges and wild creature such as boars, bears, etc. You can hike throughout the natural trails and across the lake by using ferry. You do not have to worry because these lakes are magnificent all year round, especially in the fall when you can see the frozen branches anywhere.

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The Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls is the largest water curtain and this immense waterfall in the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Even the water spray could be seen at 50 km away because it can rise about 400 meters in the air. This waterfall is so huge and you can enjoy incredible sight like you just watch in the discovery film.

Apenzell, Switzerland

Apenzell is one of the most traditional regions in Switzerland. This is such a rural world where the time had stopper and you still able to find tradition and culture are celebrated. You can see beautiful landscape with the green hills which is full cows as you can see on calendar. Apenzell is our imaginations in the fairytales that come true the world.

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