5 Best Places in the World with Heavenly Natural Landscapes

5 Best Places in the World with Heavenly Natural Landscapes

While seeing such natural tourism objects all around the world, we may at first think that they are only pictures edited by Photoshop. Of course, it is not generally true. There are some best places in the world to go that offer the best natural landscapes. So, what are they?

Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico

The blue sparkling on the sea water of this bay is likely in the fairy tale. Even when we are swimming there, the shine just covers up all our body. Well, if you wonder how the luminescence can be occurred, here is the explanation. It is caused by the million microorganisms that are living starting from the bottom to the surface of the sea. At night, they enlighten themselves with that blue radiation.

Rainbow Mountain, China

Another unique natural landscape is the formation of rock colors in this rainbow mountain. If you see it slightly, it is not really different from the delicious rainbow cake. Historically, the beauty of this mountain was formed from the deposits of sand that was blended with other minerals for more than 24 million years. To enjoy this stunning scenery, you must visit Zhangye Danxia National Park in China anyway.

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Hillier Lake, Australia

This lake is undeniably special compared to the others due to its pink color. You should not worry since this lake becomes pink not because of the pollution but it is just natural. Similar to the bioluminescent bay above, the color is caused by the numerous microorganisms living there. It is not dangerous at all so that it is possible for you to swim and dive there.

Apostle Ice Cave, USA

This tourism resort is placed on the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin. Just like the name, this place offers the beauty of cave covered by ice, of course, with extremely low temperature. The spectacular scenery can just be simply seen when we see above. Yes, the ice looks like a giant glass and it is just spectacular.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

For you who love tropical landscape, this site will be a sort of heaven for you. Raja Ampat is a group of small islands near Papua, Indonesia surrounding by beautiful blue sea. The crystal clear ocean can even ease you to see what is under the water. Yes, it looks like a big aquarium with colorful fishes and many other sea creatures there. More than that, Raja Ampat also has great cultures maintained by society around to add the uniqueness here.

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