5 Best Places to Go in Dubai for Luxury Holiday

5 Best Places to Go in Dubai for Luxury Holiday

Dubai is one of the most glamorous cities in Emirate Arab that is famous for its ultra-modern architecture. If you have a chance to visit this place, there are some best places to go in Dubai that are surely unforgettable. So, what are they?

Burj Khalifa

Of course, this is the first place you need to visit. Not only is it now considered as the most popular building in the world for the height, the design is also spectacular. The most wanted spot here is the top for sure since the stunning landscape of Dubai can just be simply seen here. More than that, it also offers you some other great places to go like Dubai Mall. During your journey to the top, there is multimedia presentation to be enjoyed by the tourists.

The Dubai Fountain

This tourism spot becomes a favorite place for many tourists all around the world. Different from any other fountains, it is large enough for around 30 hectares. It is not surprising that this tourism object is known as the biggest dancing fountain in the world. More than that, the water bursts are up to 500 feet equals to the 50-floor building. Interestingly, this fountain is placed on Burj Khalifa, the most popular building in this city.

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Miracle Garden

In the Dubailand area, there is a kind of flower garden in which all the plants there are arranged and managed in very magnificent ways. There are more than 45 millions of flowers planted in detailed and beautiful designs. Besides, there are also some other attractions shown here to spoil the tourists like Aromatic Garden, Butterfly Park, and many more.

Palm Islands

Palm Islands is a group of artificial islands that are only functioned for tourism objects and the accommodations. The islands are where the famous hotels, malls, and fashion centers of Dubai are built on. To reach this dream islands, the tourists must ride monorail carts that are connected with tram system on the land. Unfortunately, it seems only rich people who can enjoy this spot because the prices offered there are super expensive.

Naif Market

It is a common thought if Dubai seems built for those rich people. But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy something more populist. There is still public market with affordable products offered here. In Naif Market, visitors can buy souvenirs, clothes, and others with Dubai characters. Do you like bargaining the price? Well, it is a good place to prove this skill.

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