5 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

5 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

The ex-British colony of New Zealand is perhaps one of few developed countries that is still capable and committed to maintain their pristine nature and exotic culture. Natural beauties and attractions are plentiful in New Zealand and the country is the home of people from many different cultures. Take a look at the 5 best places to visit in New Zealand below to find out the amazing attraction that New Zealand offers to its visitors.

  1. The Cities

Due to the sparse population of the country, here I decide to group the most popular cities in New Zealand. There are only a handful of major cities in New Zealand, but each is attractive and has its own special attraction. In Auckland, the largest city, you can enjoy Auckland Bridge bungee jumping as well as other attractions a metropolitan can offer. In Wellington, the capital city, you can climb Mount Victoria and watch amazing scenery for there. You can also visit Christchurch to visit its botanical gardens and Queenstown to enjoy the thrill of skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, and jet boating.

  1. Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier is a perfect place to enjoy the heat of hiking a giant glacier. This is literal. You will not feel the freezing temperature of hiking a glacier because despite the all-ice environment, sun constantly shines on the glacier area, making it one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. In fact, you can hardly distinguish the temperature degree in the glacier area from that in nearby towns. In addition, you can also enjoy the stunning look of the surroundings once you reach the top.

  1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves
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Your visit to and exploration of these caves will be the most unforgettable ones. The caves offer not only thrilling adventure to their visitors, but also the mesmerizing fantasy-like scenery of their interior. The caves are illuminated by millions of glow worms that inhabit them. You may not need to use a flashlight to explore them.

  1. The Maori Arts and Crafts Institute

Visiting Te Puia is a must not only because it gives you comprehensive information about Maori culture, but also because you can enjoy cuisines prepared using ancient geothermal cooking technique at nearby Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley.

  1. Waiheke Island

You can conclude your holiday in New Zealand by visiting Waiheke Island, which is located not very far from Auckland. This island is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand for wine lovers. There are a lot of vineyards there and the best time to enjoy this place is during the lunchtime and dinnertime because you can enjoy local cuisines paired with the best wine in New Zealand.