5 Best Places to Visit in South Island New Zealand

5 Best Places to Visit in South Island New Zealand

Finding the best places to visit in South Island New Zealand is going to confuse you. Why so? It is because there are too many of them. A lot of people visit the South Island of New Zealand every single day because this country is literally packed with amazing tourist destinations in every corner. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Stewart Island

New Zealand is known for its diverse wildlife, including the unique kinds of bird only exist in the island. If you are interested in bird watching while you are in South Island, make sure you visit Stewart Island because this island is the home of the most diverse as well as the largest bird population in the entire country. In Stewart Island, you can find beautiful beaches and rainforests where unique birds such as albatross, kiwis, and even penguins can be found     quite easily.

  1. Fiordland National Park

This national park is simply stunning and no wonders that it has become one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The national park is packed with majestic scenery and a lot of attractions, including the lake with boats. Exploring this national park can be done by walking around or by rowing boat on the lake, one of the reasons why this national park is simply stunning.

  1. Central Otago

If you love wine and wine tasting, Central Otago is the best places to visit in South Island New Zealand. This area is full of vineyards surrounded by amazing scenery of mountains and rivers. The wine-related activities in this area are basically limitless because beside of the wine tasting, you can also meet the wine-makers in person and visit the vineyard and witness the wine-making process.

  1. Abel Tasman National Park
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Abel Tasman National Park is basically known as the perfect place for those who love sailing or kayaking. The challenging activities can easily be done in this national park as well as meeting unique creatures such as dolphins and seal. The national park is very beautiful with the limestone cliffs and beautiful beaches around it.

  1. Larnach Castle

If you come to this Larnach Castle, you will basically time travel to the Victorian Era. This castle is amazing in structure and very Victorian. It is also surrounded by beautiful gardens that will remind you of the beauty of the royal castles during the Victorian Era.

Those are some of the best places to visit in South Island New Zealand. They truly are beautiful places and thus you should consider to visit them the next time you come to South Island New Island.


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