5 Exciting Things to Do in Singapore

5 Exciting Things to Do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore can be balanced between the natural attraction and urban destinations. Do you like to shop around? Well, this is also the right place.

Gardens by the Bay

The garden offers you the great taste of nature without having to trek. It is an urban jungle based in the Marina Bay. The garden is also the mixed of Mother Earth and also the urban metropolis. Cloud Forest and Flower Dome can be found near the facilities in shaped like a seashell. Anyway, the dome is the largest greenhouse around the world that shows the group of plants near the replica architecture of the origin country.

Singapore Botanic Garden

The next things to do in Singapore will be also the walking-in-the-nature activity. Basically, this large city has several natural spaces that share place with other skyscraper buildings. And this garden is like the most natural garden in among others in this city. You may need several hours to explore this space thoroughly, considering the space is pretty huge too.


Most residences in this country are immigrants. This is why Singapore holds numerous ethnicities living in the space. Chinatown is like the largest among all the immigrants. Various things to do can be found in this place. Besides, the Chinatown is broken up into five areas. Besides the fun activities, you will also see lots of pedestrians, eateries, food stall, and also shops. So, if you want to get some gifts for your friends in the hometown then you may consider this place.

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Little India

If you want to get out from the main area of the country, you can try to wander around the Little India. It is rich in India culture and located 2 miles to the northwest of Marina Bay. It shows you the shops and streets in a very dense network. Anyway, this place is also the right place to get colorful fabrics, nice spices, and also various flowers.

Orchard Road

Every modern metropolis seems like having its own avenue for commercial, like the Shibuya Street in Japan. When you come to Singapore, you will find the Orchard Road for its commercial avenue. Pedestrians and the cars’ whizzing are blending into one. But, you can hop into the eateries along the road or just stopping by at the nearest shopping malls. By that, it seems like shopping is one of exciting  things to do in Singapore.