5 Fun Things to Do in Rome Italy

5 Fun Things to Do in Rome Italy

Things to do in Rome Italy will take you to various interesting places in this city. For that reason, you need to read our article below.

Fontana di Trevi

This is like a place that should be on your list of itinerary when you visit Rome. The fountain is located among the area that is surrounded by hotels, nightlife, and also shopping areas. Trevis is like a great example of building with baroque style along with the mythological character on it.

This place will be much better to be seen at night because there will be a lot of lights illuminate Fontana di Trevi. Since this place is very attractive and one of popular things to do in Rome Italy, you may find too many tourists here and it seems like rare to have some peace time here.

Foro Romano

When it comes to popularity, Foro Romano is not as famous as the Colosseum even though both are located nearby. It describes most important structures of Ancient Rome back then like the monuments and government houses. Much of the complex becomes the ruins.

It is advisable to hire a tour guide because by this way you can enjoy everything you see in this place.

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Basilica di San Pietro

Basically, this place is located in the center of Vatican City and you can have your tour for free. Trekking on top of the dome will be really interesting, since many tourists enjoy to wandering around. On top of the dome, you can see the stunning panorama from the spectacular landscape of Rome.

You just need to know that this church is active. You really need to dress appropriately and can expect the Mass services sometimes. Hiring a tour guide is also recommended so you can really feel the experience in this place.


Trastevere will show you the real Rome, according to the travelers and also experts. This place is located in south part of Vatican City. Besides the home of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Trastevere is also famous for the neighborhood shops and the interesting restaurants.

Campo de’ Fiori

In daylight, the market is very bustling and when the sun goes down you will find the great experience of nightlife. Here you can find a lot of eateries, café, dining, and also restaurants. During the day you can grab the fresh products in the market. When the night is coming, you can get into the bar as one of things to do in Rome Italy.

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