5 Most Interesting Places to Go Around the World

5 Most Interesting Places to Go Around the World

Whenever you want to go to interesting place, you need to know about most interesting places to go around the world. Here are the places you should visit:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you like seeing the view around beach, you can visit Chiang Mai in Thailand. It is a good place to enjoy the view of exotic beach. Chiang Mai also consists of various exotic islands. So, you will feel so comfortable when visiting this place. Hotel, restaurants, and transportation are available to make you enjoy your time in Chiang Mai. For backpacker, it is also a good place to visit because there are so many cheap hotels in Chiang Mai.

Istanbul, Turk

Do you like seeing buildings with unique architecture? If so, Istanbul is the best place you need to visit. This city has adorable view when night comes. With exotic buildings, the city will make you feel like in previous century. You can try delicious foods while enjoying the view of Istanbul in the night. Don’t worry about price, because there are so many food sellers that offer cheap foods for backpacker.

Galicia, Spain

For you who like seeing a village with beautiful view, Galicia is the best place you need to visit. Galicia has exotic view. It is a village where you can inhale fresh air and enjoy adorable view. For your recommendation, you can visit this place in summer. When summer comes, there will be unique festival you can watch. The festival will make you more comfortable when visiting Galicia in Spain.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

According to Price of Travels’ Europe Backpacker 2015, Sofia is the third cheapest city in Europe. It means that you will not spend too much money for traveling to Sofia in Bulgaria. There are so many unique things you can find in this city. You can visit labyrinth in a church. The labyrinth is near with a hill. It is recommended destination you can visit when you are in Sofia. In Sofia, you can also find various restaurants, cheap foods, and cheap hotels.

Montreal, Canada

In Montreal, you will see adorable view. The view of Montreal will make you feel so comfortable to stay at Montreal longer. The local citizens are friendly. So, you will not feel so doubt to communicate with them. Actually, there are still many places in the world you should visit. Other places to go around the world are Cuzco in Peru, Pockhara in Nepal, Panama City, Granada in Nicaragua, and many more.