5 of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

5 of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Finding the most beautiful places on Earth is surely difficult because literally this planet is full with it. That is why if you plan a vacation and you wish you visit beautiful places on Earth, you will have a lot of options. Below, you will see 5 places considered to be the most beautiful in this Earth with spectacular sceneries.

  1. Maroon Bells, USA

Maroon Bells, located in Colorado, USA, is considered as one of the spots in the world where mesmerizing scenery can be found. This place is actually the peak of the Elk Mountain. Situated at 14,000 above the ground, you can clearly see amazing scenery from up there, including glacial valley, Maroon Lake with its crystal clear water, and the grand Rocky Mountains.

  1. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

If you want to travel all the way to South Pacific, Bora-Bora in French Polynesia is certainly the spot you want to visit. The Bora-Bora island is packed with unbelievable natural beauty, including rain forest, turquoise lagoon with coral reefs, and active volcano surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  1. Oia, Santorini, Greece

Greece is surely a country not only blessed with richness of history and culture but also with beautiful places. One of the most prominent places in Greece known for its beauty is Oia, Santorini. This place is situated on the top of a cliff and from there you can see a lot of great sceneries, especially the traditional stone houses lining all across the street.

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy
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Amalfi Coast in Italy is well-known as the place where heavenly scenery is found. This coast is indeed very beautiful because it is surrounded by white sand beach with blue ocean and also by ancient vineyards.

  1. Apenzell, Switzerland

Apenzell in Switzerland is a ravishing green hills with wonderful landscape. The beauty of this place attracts thousands of tourists, from across Switzerland and from all over the world, to visit and enjoy vacation in this spot. This magical hill is prominent as one of the most beautiful places on Earth to this day.

Now that you know there are plenty of places where natural beauty of the Earth can be easily found, you can pick one of the five places mentioned above for your next vacation. Surely, they will bring you the best vacation ever because during the vacation you will see majestic sceneries of the most beautiful places on Earth.