5 Things to Do Alone in NYC for Best Adventure Experience You Can Get

The Big Apple, which is the nickname of New York City, the city with thousands high building. However, actually, there are many things to do alone in nyc. And, if you try them, you will get different experience in this city. So, what kind of activities you can do here?

Shakespeare Garden

Central Park has special area called Shakespeare Garden. It’s only four acre wide, where you can enjoy the play of William Shakespeare works. The path on this area has really beautiful design, with many flowers and plants. Just walking pass it alone, will give you the best time to spend. And, because there are not too many people here, you can relax.

Tibet House U.S.

This place is great choice for you who want to relax. They open meditation classes that you can take. And, it’s suitable for beginner. In the end of the activity, maybe, you can even make friend with other people that take the class.


Great place to hunt for many different used stuff. And of course, you can get them with much lower price than the original. There are several areas you can visit here. For example, 10 Ft Single by Stella and Stella Dallas Living, where you can find many vintage jacket and clothes. Then, there is also Buffalo Exchange as well as Driggs Avenue, if you want modern used clothes. The most interesting experience here is you can adventure this area as much as you want. And, who know, maybe, you can find something even more interesting than what you can see in store.

Bryant Park

One of unique place in New York. Here, you can learn many different languages. Bryant Park has language classes that you can try. With 20 students per class, you will be able to learn more effectively. The inlingua system also allows you to learn different language in different way. You can easily practice and interact with your instructor or other students.

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Now, it’s time for dinner. For solo adventurer, you can visit Veselka. A 50 years very popular Ukrainian restaurant where you can enjoy your time.  Here, you can enjoy some unique Ukrainian delicacy. For example, you can try savory pierogis or cold borscht soup. And, you can enjoy those delicious menus anytime you want, as this restaurant open for 24 hours.

Now, are you ready to go to NYC? Do not hesitate. With those things to do alone in nyc you will have great time in this city.