5 Things To Do In Leavenworth Wa

Things to do in leavenworth wa varies in many option. If you wished to visit this place but confused in finding the suitable activity, you can finish your reading. This article will share you many information about activities as well as recommended place you can visit.

  1. Waterfront Park

Downhill of the Commercial Street, you can find this place. Here, you will be able to enjoy the peaceful views get rid of your stressful daily life. If you come here during the spring, you can even have the perfect timing for bird watching.

  1. The Nutcracker Museum

Started from thousands years ago, human already started their works on finding the devices to get the delicious nuts. If you want to know the struggle, you can have a look on more than 6,000 tools invented only to crack nuts on this museum. The materials to make the tools varies from tiny wooden, ebony, porcelains, and many more. The collection gathered by George and Arlene Wagner. They started to operate since 1995. The entire collection as well as the building is donated to the city.

  1. The Leavenworth Summer Theater

Other things to do in leavenworth wa is visiting the Leavenworth Summer Theater. This theatrical treat always held during summer on the hills around Leavenworth. This tradition already started from 1994. This event is certainly a must to visit for you who loved the touch of arts, or are in the struggle of finding new inspiration. Two of the venues of this event are in the Ski Hill Amphitheater and the Hatchery Park Stage.

  1. The Organic Garden  at Sleeping Lady
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This place located about 3.4 miles form Leavenworth in the Wenatchee Valley. This garden is a serene place. Any visitor can take a stroll of having relaxing time, since there are many lifes of animals on the wildlife. It also provide the visitors with lovely gazebo, which can be used to have a sip of tea. There are many flowers as well as herb on this garden. In total, there are about 2 acres of fertile ground.

  1. The Eagle Creek Ranch

This place offers the visitor with horse ranch, which operated in all the four seasons.  In the spring and fall, horseback ride will be the challenging activity, as it passes through the forested foothills. During the winter, this place is a scenic valley, which is perfect for horse-drawn sleigh as the things to do in leavenworth wa.