5 Top Things to Do in Minneapolis Saint Paul

Do you have a plan to spend your holiday in Minneapolis Saint Paul? If so, you have to know about top things to do in Minneapolis Saint Paul. Actually, Minneapolis Saint Paul has so many interesting places to visit, and then every place can be the unique place to do interesting thing. Read some information below to know more about things to do in Minneapolis Saint Paul.

Top Things to Do in Minneapolis Saint Paul

There are so many things to do in Minneapolis Saint Paul, such as below:

Stone Arch Bridge

For you who like seeing wonderful bridge, you can visit Stone arch Bridge in Minneapolis Saint Paul. Actually, it is a great place that will make you so attract to visit this place again and again. The architecture is so good because it is 2100-foot granite and Limestone Bridge.

Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Theatre name designed by Tyrone Guthrie, so no wonder if the theater named Guthrie Theater. Actually, the theater is included into the most renowned theater in Minneapolis Saint Paul. Spend your time in this place to enjoy watching some wonderful theater.

Mill City Museum

If you want to know more about Minneapolis industrious past, you can visit Mill City Museum. It is the best place to know the Minneapolis industrial history.

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Minneapolis Institute of Art

It is a great place for you who like art so much. This place shows more than 83000 works of arts that have been collected since 5000 years. So, it will make you feel so interesting to see every work of art in this place.

Mall Of America

If you want to buy souvenir for your family, you can visit Mall of America. It is the largest shopping mall in Minneapolis Saint Paul. So, every souvenir you want will be available in this mall.

Unique Place to Visit in Minneapolis Saint Paul

Actually, there are still many places you can visit in Minneapolis Saint Paul. Every place can be the place to do unique things. Some recommended places you can visit are Minnehaha Park, Walker Art Center, Midtown Global Market, Minnesota Zoo, Historic Fort Snelling, Weisman Art Museum, and many more. Every place looks unique and beautiful. You can create moment in every place, so your holiday will be so wonderful. Besides the places that have been mentioned, there are still many great places you can visit in Minneapolis Saint Paul. But, hopefully some information will make you don’t confuse anymore about things do to in Minneapolis Saint Paul whenever you visit Minneapolis saint Paul.

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