5 Top Things to Do in Rome Italy

5 Top Things to Do in Rome Italy

Over the times, there are various palaces, religious structures and monuments that had been built in Rome. Now, Rome also stands as beautiful tourist destination and ranked as one of popular destinations in Europe such as Colosseum. What to do in Rome Italy? Check them out.

Visit the Ancient Ruins in Roman Forum

You can visit this huge archeological structure of Roman Forum. However, it is better to get a guide who brings you to the stories. This site drawn back around 500 before century, however it was enlarged by Julius Caesar, Trajan, Augustus Caesar and Domitian. You are able to see remains of Imperial Rome. There are many great things to see here.

Visit Rome’s Icon, Colosseum

This is most recognized symbol in Rome and has a long history as well. It was announced in 80 A.D along with 100 days of game, including if gladiator tournaments. Today, there are almost 4 million people who visit this place annually. So, you can book your ticket in advance or you need to wait a very long line. Colosseum should be in your list of what to do in Rome Italy.

Drive yourself to the Piazza Navona

This is one of the most well-known public places in Rome, and Piazza Navona was surrounded with many restaurants, souvenir shops, Museo and other attractions. You can explore the small street close to church and make your way to go to the Via della Pace as one of the most beautiful streets. Do not forget to spend you time to get glass of wine or coffee in there.

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Staring at the Architectual Marvel, Pantheon

Actually, Pantheonis the funeral site of Rome Kings and other figures. Then the temple was built around 118-128 A.D. This is also world’s largest dome until modern era came, even had been called as the most perfect building of architectural in the world.  This structure is very well-preserved and you can step incised and look up, the dome above is open and let the sunlight through in.

Pay Respects at Vatican Museums

You can spend a whole day by exploring some great locations in Vatican. You can start your journey in the Piazza di San Pietro. The must-see is Vatican Museums that give you many great things that you never seen before. This place also contains Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel as well. Vatican also called as one the most religious site in the world and you can discover many great artworks inside.

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