6 Best Costa Rica Hotels on the Beach

6 Best Costa Rica Hotels on the Beach

If you are planning to Costa Rica, you might want to spend your time in these beautiful beaches. Whether of the Caribbean or Pacific sides, there are many hotels provide you with easier access to white-sandy beaches. Here 6 best Costa Rica hotels on the beach:

The Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica, Peninsula Papagayo

This is become on of the most luxury resorts and the Four Seasons is close to its perfection. The guests can spend their best time in all of vacation on site. Then you can expect to experience beautiful sunset in the evening. Even, you are able to enjoy many fun attractions on site.

The Karahe Hotel

For beach lovers, this hotel is one of the best mid-range hotels for you. It is located in Manuel Antonio that provides you with private and direct access to the Playa Espadilla. The best way are cheaper rooms; lobby was built in the steep, restaurant, bungalows and much more. You will get what you pay for location and decoration.

Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort

This resort is real evidence that staying your night in the eco resort does not always mean that you have roughing live. It provides you with contemporary rooms, public pace with rustic look and good restaurant as we. You can enjoy two wonderful white sand beaches in this site which and many wildlife guests as well.

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Reserva Conchal Beach Resort, Golf and Spa

This Reserva Conchal dislike other resorts, it’s quite similar to individual condo villages. Each of them has buildings clustered surrounding the communal pool. You can drive few minutes to go to guest Beach Club and it may feel more like resort with great bars and pools as well. Even you can rest your body in the lovely spa. Of course this resort has private access to the beach.

Riu Guanacaste Hotel

This hotel has 701 rooms along with beach views, swimming pool, party vibe and more. The rooms might not that special, however you can enjoy the beach with your family. This beach is also a great place for turtle nests.

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas

This place is combining the privacy from bungalow and convenience service from hotel services. There are 45 luxury rooms which spread out to 33 acre resort, including of private access to the Tulemar Beach as one. This place is also has the only beach facing restaurant in this area.