6 Tourist Spots in the Philippines

6 Tourist Spots in the Philippines

Tourist spots in the Philippines are great choice for holidays. The Philippines has thousands of islands. You can visit the beautiful island below.

Tubbataha Reef

It is in the sea of ​​Sulu with a beautiful national park. This park is used to protect marine life. This park has a coral reef with amazing channels. This is the most famous dive site in the country. The shallow reefs can end and lead you into the deep ocean. You can dive in April to June because the waves at sea are the quietest of the month.

San Agustin Church, Manila

This is a church built in 1589 and survived for seven years from two fires and earthquakes that attacked the church. This place is the oldest stone church in the Philippines. The main door in this place has complex and beautiful carvings with the stunning interior design. The design is influenced by the design in Mexico. The roof of this church was painted in the 1800s by Cesare Alberoni and Giovanni Dibella. They are artists from Italy.

Mayon Volcano

It is a mountain with an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. This mountain has a perfect cone shape. You can do various types of activities on this mountain such as photography, bird watching, hiking, and camping. The mountain is located in the ruins of Cagsawa so this mountain looks exotic. This mountain has erupted more than 49 times. The most severe eruption of the mountain occurred on February 1, 1814.

Malapascua Island

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This is a small island inhabited by fishermen. This is a famous island for diving and seeing the thresher sharks. This is a rare animal. You can also see sharks and manta rays. Another beautiful view is the white sand and clear waters. The beach is bordered by the park and shady coconut trees.

Puerto Galera

This is a coastal city located south of Manila. The city has beautiful beaches and a variety of marine species. You can stay in a comfortable hotel and enjoy the nightlife in this city. The city has many restaurants serving delicious food. Another attraction is the Muelle Bay which is filled with bars and restaurants. If you dive, then you can see the mysterious old ship and hundreds of fish.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

This is a paradise for nature lovers located on the island of Palawa. It is home to wildlife and a unique phenomenon. This is an underground river that becomes a national park area. It is the longest underground river in the world. You can hire guides and boats that will show you the interesting rocks in this river. That’s tourist spots in the Philippines.