8 Amazing Places in the World

8 Amazing Places in the World

This world holds a mystery. There may be many unknown places. This is amazing places in the world.

Rainbow Hill, Zhangye Danxia China

You must come to this place to see the amazing hills. This hill has a rainbow-like color because this hill is formed from sandstones and minerals. This hill has been formed since tens of years ago. You should not miss this beautiful view.

Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico

This beach can bring out light at night. The beautiful light is seen from footprints and waves on the sand. The blue color is caused by the unique organisms that are on this beach. This beach is a beautiful place for honeymooners. You should visit this beach in summer so that your trip is not disturbed by the rain.

Naukluft Park, Namibia

The Camel Horn Trees are in Namibia. This tree looks like a painting. This tree has no sprigs and leaves. There are many people who want to visit this tree because this tree has many amazing colors.

Supervolcano Yellowstone

This is one of the unique natural phenomena because you will see the color of the water like fire. The spring is a volcanic caldera. There are some geoscientists who say that this phenomenon is the interaction effect of local conditions on the lithosphere. This interaction also comes from the upper convection coat.

The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

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This is a giant hole that spouts hot lava. This hole can take you to hell because you will burn directly in this hole. This phenomenon is very real and you can only find this hole in Turkmenistan.

Skaftafell, Iceland

This is a national park that has a beautiful cave. This cave is called a crystal cave because the cave is filled with the beautiful blue crystal that is in the cave ceiling. This light will enter the cave hall and the light will be reflected by the crystal. This cave was discovered in 1967 with a size of more than 400 square meters.

Flathead Lake, Montana

This lake looks transparent because the water in this lake is very clear. You can see the underwater organism. The boat sailing on this lake will be seen flying because you can see the shadow of the boat clearly at the bottom of the lake. This lake is different from other lakes in the world.

Train Station, Sweden

This station looks unique because you will feel that this station will take you to hell. The architect and design of this station depict a terrible atmosphere. You can see black and red dominance. The ceiling of this station looks like a blaze. That’s amazing places in the world.

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