A Newbie Traveller’s Guide to Southeast Asia: What to See in Singapore?

A Newbie Traveller’s Guide to Southeast Asia: What to See in Singapore?

‘What to see in Singapore?’ asked a friend of mine. It is heavily industrialized, and unlike many countries in South East Asia, tourism is not its biggest focus (this is my very own personal opinion. Please do not judge me). This does not make Singapore a country that is lacking of places to go, though. It is quite the opposite of that, actually, as Singapore got lots of them. So, what to see in Singapore?

The Universal Studio

I know this place is too western for your liking, but that is what Singapore basically is. It is the only place in Southeast Asia that is somewhat western. Because of that, you can find many western stuffs over here. This place is just one of them.

However, it being western does not make it a good place to visit. It is a cheap place with many nice attractions to it. It is also a place that is often hailed as a place that needs to be visited when you are in Singapore, so you can guess how ‘must-visit’ this place is.

This place is kid friendly, too, so you can bring your children over here if you have one. Visiting them on holiday seasons is pretty much recommended for this place because this place will change the decorations based on the holiday seasons.

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Singapore’s Chinatown

While they may got lots of Chinatowns in many western countries, they will never be on par with Singapore’s very own. While you will not get much out of it when the sun is hanging high, visit the place on night to the get the best Chinatown experience ever. Enjoy many assortments of Chinese cuisines over here if eating is your reason to travel. You can also take a walk or a trishaw tour to unravel the history behind the Chinatown.

What makes this different from actually visiting China? Singapore’s Chinatown is the place where every major Singaporean cultures make do with each other. This creates a place like no other.

Sentosa Island

If you think that the best attraction that Singapore got is located within the mainland Singapore, then you think wrong because the best attraction that Singapore got is located near the shores South of Singapore. That place is Sentosa Island. Sentosa Island is basically the place that should ALWAYS be visited if you got the money and the time to do so. It is the home of Palawan Beach and the Universal Studios Singapore, which on their own are good places to go. Whether if you want to stay at the resort or play at the beaches, Sentosa will certainly give you the time of your life.

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Those three are the three most recommended places that I think you should visit if you want to visit Singapore. Knowing that, surely you will know better about what you can visit and what to see in Singapore, right?


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