Backpacker Best Places in Philippines for Vacation

Backpacker Best Places in Philippines for Vacation

Best places in Philippines for vacation of backpackers would be a bit different than people who will freely spend their money. Here we have the list for backpackers.


Everything starts from Manila. This is the capital city of Philippines and if you like the bustle and hustle then staying for a few days in this city will be a nice adventure for you. This city offers such craziness and you may consider to walking around the city for a day. If you like some day trip then the Walled City and Taal Volcano should be on your list.

This city also has two main areas for backpackers such as Makati Avenue that is located in the business district and Ermita near the Walled City. Do not worry because those places offer many guesthouses and hostels along with the nightlife.


Banaue offers nice scenery of rice terraces. It takes 10 hours long of a bus ride from Manila. If you like the trekking thing then this place will be one of the best places in Philippines for vacation. The best rice terraces are situated at Batad. Besides, you do not need to worry about the accommodations. There are many options for guesthouses in inexpensive price.

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You can reach this area by jeep trip that takes 3 hours. It takes you to Shangri-la in the end. There you can explore the place from hanging coffins, cave walking, trekking, waterfalls, enjoying the foods, and just hanging out.

The road really offers the most beautiful sceneries. Besides, you will see generous and nice locals in this place. You do not need to worry about cheap accommodation as well.

Boracay Island

This place offers white powdery sands with the clear water in blue shade. It is not too much to call it as one of the best places in the world. Besides the gorgeous nature sceneries, Boracay Island is also the place of crazy nightlife. The party is everywhere and you will see many backpackers around.

However, there are worth to visit islands for chill-out experience other than Boracay.


This island is also famous among the tourists. It is not too crowded and offering a great view of the beach. Bohol is a great place to chill-out and relax. You will also see the chocolate hills around, which are very famous around the world. And it also offers many cheap accommodations as one of best places in Philippines for vacation.

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