Best All Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica for You

Best All Inclusive Resorts in Costa Rica for You

Costa Rica is a beautiful country. If you are planning to visit the country in short, here are best all – inclusive resorts in Costa Rica for you to stay.

Costa Rica: Best All Inclusive Resort in the Country

If you plan holiday in Costa Rica and need best hotels to stay in the country, here are all inclusive resorts you need to know.

  1. Drake Bay Gateway Resort

Located in Osa Peninsula, the Drake Bay Gateway Resort is considered to be one of the best place to stay during holiday. Being built by two American this is the rightest resort where you can get optimum services from all of the staffs there. It is a five – cabin gateway where only organic foods (taken from the resort’s garden) are served for the guests. For miles, all you see in the resort is just unspoiled nature. Wonderful!

  1. La Paloma Lodge

The next resort you can opt is La Paloma Lodge. Staying in this resort will make it possible for you to enjoy different experience. All guests will experience spend the end of the day high in the canopy rainforest. You will enjoy the sounds coming from tree frogs. Meanwhile, the view you will enjoy out of your window is scarlet macaws and toucans are flying around.

  1. Doubletree Resort
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Doubletree Resort by Hilton Central Pacific is one the best all – inclusive resorts in Costa Rica. It is a mega resort that only needs one hour from San Jose. Staying in the resort, you will be served with all – inclusive stops such as bars – all – you – can imbibe and all – you – can – eat buffet. There are also Teen Clubs and Kids Paradise Clubs if you bring your children to stay in the resort.

Why Costa Rica?

There are many reasons that make you have to visit Costa Rica. First of all, the country is best place where you can fins adventure. This is because the country is very popular with its zip – lining trips. Either it is kayaking, cliff diving scuba diving, whitewater rafting, or sky diving, you can find them all. It will really pump you adrenaline at once. Moreover, the place is very famous with its beaches. The country is surrounded by coastline up to 1,000 miles that makes it really rich of beaches. Just avoid to visit the country in April – November (rainy season) if you wish to get a lot of sunshine.