Best Hotels to Stay in Rome

Best Hotels to Stay in Rome

Want to visit Rome but still have not found the right place to stay? Here we provide some information about the best hotels to stay in Rome, that offers plenty facilities to comfort you.

The Best Views

  1. The Eden Hotel

The Eden is a five star hotel that emphasizes the traditional design and old style. With beautiful details of architecture, outstanding services, and great views, this hotel is included in the list of the best hotels to stay in Rome.

  1. The Palazzo Manfredi Hotel

A little bit different from the Eden, Palazzo Manfredi is a small beautiful hotel located very close to the Colosseum. No wonder that the guests will be able to enjoy the beauty of this Rome’s historical iconic building. This hotel also offers some facilities that everyone will love, including classic designed suits, five star service, and beautiful rooftop restaurant.

  1. G-Rough Hotel

This hotel was built around the 17th century, and still maintains its original antique tiles. Not only beautiful old tiles, the guests will also be invited to enjoy the typical 17th century decoration that shows retro furnitures which will bring them to the past.

The Most Suitable for Families

  1. The Valadier Hotel
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With a classic-modern design, the Valadier hotel is one of the most suitable hotels for families in Rome. They provide bikes for their customers, so if you stay in this hotel, you can ask your family to join the city exploration on these convenient two wheels.

  1. The Roman Forum Inn

This hotel is a small hotel with only 14 rooms available for guests to stay. However, these rooms never fail to impress the guests, because they have magnificent decoration and a lovely private balcony. There is also a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can spend the afternoon enjoying the impressive view with your family.

The Most Luxurious

  1. La Residenza Napoleone

As soon as you enter the hotel room, you will realize that this hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Rome. The hotel only serves two luxurious rooms for the guests, with plenty antique opulent furnitures, and classic artworks like huge paintings.

  1. The Spalletti Trivelli Villa

It was actually a roman town house which was beautifully renovated and now offering twelve lovely rooms with marble fireplaces that will comfort the guests. What you can’t always find in many hotels in Rome is a comfortable library, can you? But you will be surprised that you can find one in this villa!

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