Best Location: Where to Stay in Rome

Best Location: Where to Stay in Rome

If you are looking for places to stay in Rome? It might hard to choose because there are so many beautiful places to visit. This article will tell you about popular areas for travelers and can be your best location to stay in Rome.

4 Best location to stay in Rome:

Termini District

The Termini District is so far become the most budget accommodation. If you are looking for the best hotel in Rome, then you cannot find it in this area. Termini District becomes one of the comfortable places where you can stay in Rome. You only need take 25 minutes of walk to go to the historical center and Termini is located just next to the most popular train in Rome. If you are looking for where to stay in Rome then this is good option for you because there are many hotels and apartments that you can choose.

The Historical Center

As we know that Historical center is one of the most visited destinations in Rome, including of top restaurants, historical building and other attractions will be found. If you have many options where to stay in Rome, this city is so well connected by many public transports. From this area, you can get easier access to go anywhere in this town. With so many best restaurants here, you can get the best accommodation in this historical center.

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The Trastevere Neighborhood

Without any doubt this place is most charming neighborhood in Rome. If you are trying to make a selection where to stay in Rome and you do not want something noisy however not too far from all of the beautiful view, then this neighborhood is much quitter and can be your perfect option. If you do not want to stay in this area, you have to consider visiting this neighborhood at least once or twice. However, accommodation in this area is a bit expensive than other areas.


This is small and local neighborhood behind the Colosseum somehow still able to keep its beauty despite of many tourist come into this area. You can stay few days in the Celio and enjoy the surrounding in different way. You can find many daily markets, restaurants and enjoy the nightlife in bars. The most interesting is Celio can combine the old neighborhood with modern touch in order to create vibrate nuance. There are many hotels that you can find there and enjoy the different view.

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