Best Place to Stay in Dubai with Perfect View

Best Place to Stay in Dubai with Perfect View

Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world over years. If you have a plan to visit Dubai and you are wondering where to stay with the best view. We will help you.

4 best location to stay in Dubai with perfect view:

Stay around at Burj Khalif Area

We all know that Burj Khalifa is the highest building in this planet and is located in the heart of downtown, this is also called as Downtown Burj Dubai. In the vigilance of Burj Khalifa, you can find out many luxury hotels along with the most spectacular view as well. Most of hotels also provide you with best views of Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. Even this area is the world largest shopping center was located. So, this are is so ideal for those who want feel the center of town and easier access to the near attraction.

Stay around Jumeirah Beach Area

You are absolutely familiar with the picture of Burj Al Arab such a building which floating over the water as you can see on Dubai’s postcard. The Burj al Arab is also 7-star hotel which can attract many travelers to stay there. This is also a best location to stay if you want to enjoy the beach directly. You can see Jumaerah Beach and find many best restaurants as well. There is Al Wadi Wadi is  a famous waterpark which is very ideal for kids and commonly free of charge for guests who stay in Jumeirah hotels.

Stay in the floating plam

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The artificial island of Palm Jumeirah was completed in the end of 2014 and provide you with private white sand beach. There are many luxury hotels that you can stay in The Palm. If you want to get sea views, this is might be best place to stay in Dubai and enjoy your vacation. However, this place is pretty far from the downtown and the best place to rest your body.

Stay around Dubai Marina Area

This was a man-built canal and had populated by many tall buildings as well. This is also the second highest building in Dubai and one of the highest buildings is Princess Tower. No wonder that this place can be one of your best location to stay in Dubai that provide you with best perfect view as well. Many hotels in Dubai Marina area were set in the skyscrapers with incredible views, especially on the night views.