Best Places to Go in Singapore for Urban Holiday

Best Places to Go in Singapore for Urban Holiday

Singapore is maybe known as a small country. However, it undeniably has so many magnificent places to be visited. Well, for you who are interested in urban tourism in Asia, there are some best places to go in Singapore to make your holiday unforgettable. Here they are.

Merlion Park

Merlion is a symbol of Singapore in the form of unique statue of half-lion half-fish animal. Of course, the term Merlion itself stands for ‘mermaid’ and ‘lion’. It is opened everyday for 24 hours and there is no fee to enter. Aside from going around, you can also enjoy the great scenery here as this tourism resort is placed right in front of Singapore River.

Orchard Road

Orchard road is a name of road in Singapore that is very popular for its shopping tourism. Yes, just enjoy buying any products with Singapore characteristics here. More than that, there are also numerous restaurants, spas, hotels, and other public places. It is then suggested for you to book hotel around this area if your main intention to go to this country is for shopping.

Sentosa Island

This island is separated from the main Singapore Island indeed. But then, this offers a complete tourism package. Yes, there are many tourism objects here like Universal Studio of Singapore, Underwater World, Tiger Sky Tower, Marine Life Park, and many more. There are many ways to reach Sentosa Island. The most interesting one is by using cable car in which you can also enjoy the city of Singapore from height. Other ways are by walking or riding Sentosa Express monorail.

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For amount population of oriental people here, it is reasonable that there is also Chinatown. Yes, you can enjoy the cultures, foods, and building of China here. Interestingly, almost all the sellers in this area open their shops starting from the evening to the middle of night. It is so easy to reach this place as you only need to ride MRT and then stop it on the Chinatown station.

Little India

This is another tourism place in Singapore that brings out a certain culture and society. Yes, if you want to enjoy Bollywood style, India is not the only place for it. Even in Singapore, there is Little India located right in front of Chinatown. Despite offering Indian souvenirs, many Indian foods with their strong spicy aroma are available here. Well, there is a place for many fortune tellers also.